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Start by choosing the type of profile that best suits you: Performer, Crew member or Producer. Each one of them gives you access to a variety of features designed to aid you on your professional journey.

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Your profile page is public and it can be easily shared. Whether you are a producer, an actor or a film crew member, make sure your profile contains all the relevant information and keep it up to date.

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It’s easy to post a new job listing, if you are a producer or casting director, and it’s even easier to apply for a job, if you’re a performer or crew member. Navigate through the menu on the left-hand side and find out how Castmi can connect you to the whole industry.

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Send and receive messages

We get it. Communication is key when you’re about to go into production. What are the rehearsal dates? Can the actress cut her hair? How much time will your gaffer need to prep that scene? You can ask all your questions in the chat room.

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