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By creating your profile in Castmi you are setting yourself for success, give us as much information as possible so the producers can immediately see your characteristics.

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You will receive a weekly email when new job opportunities are posted on Castmi but don't miss the chance to be the first one to apply for a job. Use the Castmi button to apply for a job.

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Have a question to the producer? Just hit the contact button, start a conversation and ask away. Castmi was done so you can take control of your career ask all the questions before hitting the Castmi button.

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All our features for performers

Check all the features we have and the ones in our roadmap for the performers profile.

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Create your profile page with your experience, and details.


Do you have questions before applying? In Castmi you can create a chat and ask the producers all you want before you apply for the job.

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Apply to casting calls and get notified of the result. Our free accounts can apply in 1 country, go Plus if you want up until 3 countries of your choice.

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Tired of sending the same pictures all the time? Upload them to Castmi and use your profile page as your business card.

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Never miss the chance to be the first one to apply for a casting ever again. With the plus account you can be notified when a casting has been posted in Castmi.

Castings calendar (coming soon)

Almost missed that important casting? Let us remember you when the time arrive. Have an overview of all your future castings.

Voice clips (coming soon)

Upload your voice clips and present them in your profile page.

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