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Can I sign up to different accounts using the same e-mail address?
No. When you create a new profile, the e-mail that you use to sign up becomes linked to that account and cannot be used to create another profile. For example, if you signed up as a Performer and you want to sign up as a Producer as well, you need to enter a different email address.
Can I post a job listing using a Performer or Crew account?
The Performer and Crew profiles’ main purpose is to find and apply for jobs, thus not being able to create projects and job listings. As Producer profiles are responsible for creating new projects, only they can post job listings and find performers and crew members.
What’s the difference between casting calls and job listings?
When Producer profiles create a new project, they can post a new casting call and a new job listing. Casting calls will be visible for those users that have a Performer profile and they’re usually looking for actors, extras, models, dancers or voice-over artists. Job listings will be visible for those users that have a Crew profile and they’re usually looking for behind-the-scenes professionals of the arts and entertainment industry, from screenwriters to video editors. Only Performer profiles can apply to casting calls and only Crew profiles can apply to job listings.
Why do I need to create a project before posting a casting call or job listing?
By creating a new project, Producer profiles have several ways in which they can edit and manage that project. When they post a casting call or a job listing, they start receiving applications that they can either accept, reject or contact. By accepting some users, the Producer automatically starts assembling a team for that specific project, keeping all the information in one place.
As a producer, can I ask applicants to send items to my e-mail address?
The Performer and Crew profile pages were designed to store all the information that a producer or casting director needs during the selection process. Therefore, when posting a new job, Producer profiles cannot ask applicants to send to their e-mail address headshot, showreels, CV, height details or any other information that can already be seen on a profile page. Only if Producers need to judge something more specific that Performer and Crew profiles cannot display on their page, can they ask applicants to send those specific items to their private e-mail address.
Can Castmi post a casting call or job listing on my behalf?
No. Only Producer profiles are responsible for creating, editing and managing their own projects and the related casting calls and job listings. The communication between a Producer and a Performer or Crew member is made exclusively between the two parties.
Can Castmi apply for a job on my behalf?
No. Only Performer and Crew profiles are responsible for finding and applying for casting calls and job listings, respectively. Castmi does not function as an acting or modeling agency.
What’s a “castmi”?
Every casting call or job listing card is accompanied by a “castmi” button. When performers and crew members find a job that they might be interested in, all they have to do is click “castmi”. The Producer who posted that job will then receive a notification showing the new castmis received, being able to see their profile page, accept their application, reject it or send a message to those users.
I’m an agent. How can I sign up my actors on Castmi and manage their accounts?
Our team is working hard in offering agents a platform where they can easily register and manage the actors and models they represent. At the moment, there is no Agent profile yet, so each actor must be entered individually with their own e-mail address. Please, stay tuned to our website and social media pages where we’ll announce the Agent profile as soon as it becomes active.


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